About Me

Welcome to my new and improved website, which I hope will give you an insight into the weird and wonderful world which is my life. The website will give you a deeper understanding as to what it takes to be a top female body builder and what makes me tick as I take you on a journey through my training regime, my day to day life and what I like to get up to when I am relaxing. The new website is a small token to show my appreciation for all the support my fans have given to me and is in response to all their kind and appreciative emails. Enjoy!

For those of you who don’t already know me; I am a 34 year old English body builder. I am originally from Manchester in the north of England but for the past several years have lived in the south west of England. I have been weight training for about seven years but only started to train seriously, and bit the bullet, for the past two years.

Lisa posing by the pool

Indeed 2009 was my debut year competing and what a year it was. After taking second at the NABBA England I qualified for the NABBA Universe, which proved to be only the second time I had competed on stage. I achieved a remarkable second place at the Universe among what was a competitively high standard. In my subsequent competition I took first place at the Hercules show in 2009, which qualified me for the British Finals. In 2010 I became British Champion upon my first attempt. This was a great achievement and has proved to be the pinnacle of my competitive career so far. In 2011 I stepped up to the International stage and competed at the Arnold Classic Europe and the Women’s World Championships. I placed fourth in both competitions but more importantly gained a wealth of experience in terms of competing. I have decided to take 2012 off from competing and use it to bring a much improved package for when I next step on stage.

In 2012 my workouts will be even more intense and hard core in my quest to pack on even more hard, dense muscle. At present, I am 5ft 6 and weigh 177lbs, with 17” biceps and 28” thighs. It makes you wonder what my stats will be after a year of extreme off season training and pushing myself to the limit and beyond. I am known for being freakishly strong and lifting some crazy weights but this off season, be prepared for some mind boggling lifts. My main passion for the sport of body building comes from the fact that there is always room for improvement. You can never be complacent and are constantly face with new challenges. As my aim is to put good quality mass on, I eat clean both off season and pre competition. I am a firm believer that nutrition is the key. Indeed the only thing that varies in my diet from off season to pre contest time is the amount of calories and carbs that I consume. I even keep in cardio in the off season. Yet when it comes to pre contest I increase the amount of cardio and the volume of my training increases.

I am often asked which is my best body part and what is my favourite body part to train. I truly believe that you are only as good as your weakest body part and I am always striving to maintain a symmetrical and aesthetic physique so I am always conscious of body parts that are lagging. Furthermore my favourite part of being a body builder is when I am in the gym, lifting, and so I couldn't say which exercises are my favourite or indeed my least favourite. I am always mixing up my training regime so that it doesn't become staid or predictable. 

Also I am often asked which body builders I find inspiring. I have the utmost respect for all female body builders as I know the dedication this sport requires but I would have to say that my all time favourite female body builder is Lenda Murray. When I met her in 2007 at the Olympia she lived up to, and indeed exceeded all my expectations and it was upon meeting her that I decided to take the plunge and compete. Body building truly is a life style. There are very few sports that are so demanding on the body and on your time. You have to be dedicated and determined to the utmost but it is so rewarding. In my brief time of being involved in the sport I have met some amazing people and visited some fascinating places. Life is never boring. 

Yet there is a lot more to me than just being a female body builder. Up to this point in my life it could be said that I have lived a varied and interesting life, having lived in Russia, Japan and France. I still love to get away and travel and there are still so many places I want to visit. When I get time to relax though I like to walk my dog on one of the nearby beaches or watch a game of rugby on TV or just sit and read and recuperate from a hard training session. 

To all my many loyal and supportive fans I hope that you enjoy my new website. I thank you all for your support and encouragement - it is always greatly appreciated

Dream big. Dare to fail.


Lisa xxx